Business Meeting

Maintaining eye contact is very important

A pat on the shoulder is a sign of friendship

Clear instructions are expected

The manager is expected to take a deep interest in the interests and well-being of subordinates

Don’t rely on email to convey a message — follow up with a phone call or a meeting

Expect meetings to commence with quite a lot of small-talk.

Punctuality is somewhat better than in some other South American countries, but you cannot assume that a meeting will start and finish on time.

English language levels are generally good and many people can speak either Italian or German

Free debate is viewed positively and you are expected to express your opinions strongly

Expect meetings to be noisy

It is common for people, to refer to each other through the use of surnames rather than first names

Female business visitors can expect to be treated with politeness and respect

Titles, especially among the elderly, are very important

Italian and German are second and third languages

Conversation topics: soccer, history, culture, home and children, opera

Bad conversation topics: the Peron years, religion, Falkland Islands conflict

Business meetings start with informal conversations over strong coffee

Avoid discussing issues such as past political problems, South American levels of poverty or the Falklands

Make sure to cover your mouth when coughing

Don’t put your feet up on any furniture

Managers expect to be shown respect at all times, in return  they offer help, protection and future prospects

Give precise, clear instructions when asking for tasks to be performed

To establish trust, spend some time discussing sports and social activities

Shake hands with everyone in the room upon arriving and leaving

It may be impolite if you back away from someone

A sense of humour is appreciated, although for the most part, meetings remain intensely focused and serious

Refrain from publicly criticizing others, or doing anything else that might create embarrassment

It is customary for men to kiss women they meet for the first time on the right cheek

It is important that you be prompt to business meetings, even though your Argentine contact may be slightly late

Do not expect that everybody will have done lots of in-depth analytical planning for the meeting

Flexibility and spontaneity are both greatly prized in Argentina

Have your business card translated into Spanish on the reverse side

Smile and make eye contact when receiving cards

Take a few moments to look at your counterpart’s business card after it is handed to you

Most women will be found in administrative roles or in middle management positions at best

Interpersonal skills such as the ability to ‘fit in’ and maintain cordial relations with the group are considered as important

Displaying kindness and respect towards other people is valued highly

Catholic values have a profound influence on Argentine thinking

If a team is working well, try not to disrupt it

If a project finishes- try to keep the core of the team intact and move them to the next project

It is unusual to meet Women who holds a very senior position within an organisation

Most women will be found in administrative roles or in middle management positions at best

Do not be too surprised if male contacts touch more often than would be normal in your culture

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