Meals, Clothing Code & Gifts

Before smoking, it’s considered polite to offer cigarettes to your companions first

After a dinner party or similar occasion, the best policy is to make a phone call expressing your thanks

Business dinners are popular and are usually held in restaurants

Business lunches are uncommon outside of Buenos Aires, since most people go home to eat lunch

Dress smartly and soberly as you will be judged partly on your appearance

Business entertaining is usually a social event and so the best policy is to let your host initiate any discussion of business

Make gestures to demonstrate to your Argentine companions that a relationship with them is a greater priority than business

Staying at one of the finer international hotels in any large Argentine city will help you create a good impression.

Business entertaining usually takes place at major restaurants and hotels

At parties, greet each person individually

Refrain from asking ‘What do you do?’

The host or the most senior man present, will be seated at the head of the table, with the guest of honour at his immediate right

Wine should be poured with the right hand

You will be partly judged on the way you look

Business attire is rather conservative with men favouring dark suits with ties

Argentines emphasize good table manners and will observe how you measure up

Always keep your hands visible when dining, with your wrists resting on the edge of the table

Take small bites and chew slowly

Accept everything that you are served

If you come across something that you don’t like, just take a sample bite or two for the sake of politeness

Business meals, should be viewed as a primarily social situation and business should only be discussed, if the topic is introduced by your local contacts

Ensure a gift is properly wrapped and a card is enclosed.

When visiting an Argentine home bring flowers, chocolates for the hostess or a well selected bottle of wine

Gifts to be avoided include personal items such as ties and shirts, leather, and knives.

Argentine Businesspeople are formal and conservative regarding style and colours

For men, blue, grey and brown suits, white or light blue shirts and conservative ties are the norm

Women prefer dresses in blue or pastel colours with black or brown shoes made of leather

Wearing light colours is not recommended as this is not the tropical country

Wear only discreet jewellery.

If the visitor is entertained in the Argentine home, he should arrange to send flowers or candy to his hostess

 A guest should always wait for the host to sit down before sitting, and to open the door for him before leaving

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