Negotiation & Follow Up

Don’t waste time negotiating with the wrong people

Do some homework in advance on the hierarchy and structure you are likely to encounter

It’s important to remain patient

It may be necessary to make several trips before the transaction can be concluded

Contract agreements are followed rigidly, problems are resolved swiftly, and payments are made promptly, usually on deadline

Don’t take a hard sell approach

Argentines are tough negotiators

Contract is not final until all of its elements are signed. Any portion can be re-negotiated. Get everything in writing

An Argentine contact is essential to wading through government bureaucracy

Argentines often need several meetings and extensive discussion to make deals.

Decisions are made at the top.

Third party introductions are a necessary prelude to doing business in Argentina

Providing continued service to your client, despite the long distances involved, can be a welcome gesture of commitment

Good relationships with counterparts will shorten negotiations

Make sure you are dealing with the real decision-maker


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