Meals, Clothing Code & Gifts

How a person dresses is very important to Brazilians. this means that it will reflect upon you and the company you represent

Brazilians do not expect gifts and they are not important to establish a business relationship

It’s advisable to give only company materials like: pens, pen drivers, agendas or any other giveaway without great material value

Expensive gifts can be understood as bribes and are not welcomed

The best gifts are good quality whiskeys and wines, music CD s, and pens

Three-piece suits carry an “executive” connotation

Two-piece suits are associated with office workers

Brazilian businessmen wear a tie and suit while businesswomen wear pants, skirts and blouses

Banking and law are the business fields where people dress more formally in Brazil

Women and men tend to worry about their appearance

Shoes must be stylish, polished and in good condition

Avoid wearing ties with drawings and figures or that are too colorful

Never wear the colors of the Brazilian flag, green and yellow. It’s not a suitable combination

If entertained in the home, it is polite to send flowers to the hostess the next day, with a thank-you note

Giving a gift is not required at a first business meeting; instead buy lunch or dinner

Purple flowers are extensively used at funerals

Tipping is typically 10% in Brazil

Flowers for the hostess or gifts for the kids are great for dinners at home

Constant meetings, business lunches and dinners are important to establish a trustworthy relationship

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