Negotiation & Follow Up

Never leave a meeting in the middle of it, or before its end

The companies’ board of directors and presidency, are responsible for the final endorsement to close the deal

Contracts are always signed with the date, place, signature from both sides, payment terms and conditions and delivery conditions

Don’t rely on emails to give information. Follow things up with a phone call or a meeting to discuss the matter

Most key decisions will be made at the most senior levels of an organisation

All international negotiators are well advised, to try to develop a good understanding of the corporate structure, of any potential partner

don’t waste time on trying to get a decision out of somebody who does not really have the authority

Try to find out the exact structure of the organisation, people’s position within a department

Brazilians have as a trait the attraction for risks, but they are extremely against the methods and process

Brazilians are very emotional and transfer it to the negotiation table

Face-to-face negotiation is extremely important to close a deal

set up an appointment for an introduction, then continue the negotiation by e-mail or phone. The negotiation will have better chances of success.

Networking is an important facilitator to get a first contact, and the possibility for negotiation in Brazilian companies

Hire local lawyer and accountant’s offices. The Brazilian executive will feel safer negotiating in such a manner

Hire a local agent because it will facilitate the bureaucratic proceedings.

Promotional material or other documents, should be in Portuguese and English or in the language of the negotiator

When entering in a room for a meeting, it’s the norm to greet and be introduced to all persons who are already in the room

The organisation chart you are shown may not reflect the way, in which power actually flows within the organisation

Bridging a strong personal relationship will be very important to close deals

At each negotiation, friendships are established and an exchanging of favors is always expected

When a negotiation process is already in place, avoid changing the persons involved

Changing the negotiation team in the middle of the process is a sure step to failure


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