Meals, Clothing Code & Gifts

Men should wear a dark conservative business suit with tie

Even with cold winter weather you may find yourself in a skirt or dress

Do not eat while walking in public

Gifts are not routinely given

If you do give a gift when you arrive or when you are leaving, make it a modest one

Gifts are given to celebrate finalizing a negotiation, a contract, or a project

Women should wear a conservative business suit or dress

New or trendy clothing is a poor choice. Older, classic clothing that is clean and neat is more valued

Rural areas are less formal, but stay conservative in your wardrobe

Gifts for the office, a nice bottle of wine or liquor would be appropriate

Taking a business associate to a nice meal or an evening sporting event  is always a nice gesture.

Invitations to private homes are rare

Invitation to supper or dinner usually means 6.00 p.m.

Canadians can be sensitive when a person cannot accept his or her invitation

If you accept an invitation for a meal, it is perfectly acceptable to tell your host what you cannot eat, for example that you are a vegetarian

Usually the party inviting the other person pays the bill

In the western provinces, you may be invited to someone’s home. If you are invited, you may take candy, flowers, or liquor to the host or hostess.

Wait for your host to start a business conversation during or following a meal.

Canadians usually dress in dark business suits in the winter and in somewhat lighter suits in the Spring and Summer.

Gift-giving does not play a big role in Canadian business culture

Generally, if you are giving a gift, any product relating to your home country is a good choice

If you receive an invitation to lunch it means a meal at or about noon hour.

Once a relationship is established, the bills are often split in half or each person pays for his own.

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