Business Meeting

Third party introduction are often a necessary to conducting business in Chile

A sense of humour is appreciated, although for the most part, meetings remain intensely focused and serious

Chileans tend to have an inherent sense of courtesy, that sometimes causes them to say what they think they want you to hear, rather than give a candid response

Many Chileans have an enthusiasm for artistic pursuits such as music, painting, and literature

Establishing rapport and friendship remains key to conducting business and effective problem-solving

Watching how the participants treat each other can be very telling

Business discussions should be preceded by some preliminary “small talk”

when a woman enters a room- rise and be prepared to shake her hand if she offers it

Maintaining eye contact is necessary to show interest and sincerity

With first introductions, a handshake is the custom

Male Chileans may greet each other with hearty hugs

Titles are important and should be included on business cards

Good conversation topics: families, children, Easter Island, history

Bad conversation topics: politics, human rights

Chileans are a very patriotic people and will likely take offense at negative comments of any kind directed at their country

Don’t compare Chile to Argentina. there has been a great deal of conflict between them

In conversation, try to deflect attention from yourself

Refrain from publicly criticizing or patronizing others, and doing anything else that might create embarrassment

you will find that expressing concern for the country’s welfare and the Chileans you deal with, is an appreciated gesture

It’s best to focus on questions related to their interests rather than very personal questions

If you are interrupted, there is no need to take offense



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