Meals, Clothing Code & Gifts

When invited to someone’s home, guests are expected to show up around 15 minutes late

At a meal, keep your hands above the table at all times

Men and women who wear jewellery should select only conservative and understated pieces

If invited to dinner at someone’s home or to a restaurant, standard attire for men includes a suit and tie, and for women, a conservative–yet elegant–dress

Gifts are not expected in a business context until the relationship becomes close

Don’t select anything that is obviously expensive; your generosity may be perceived as a bribe

Men customarily wear dark blue or gray suit, a light shirt, and a conservative tie

Women should wear a suit and heels

As a visitor, the best policy is to dress conservatively and formally

Dressing well is a priority here and is perceived as a sign of respect

Have your business card translated into Spanish on the reverse side

Bring a plentiful supply of cards, since Chilean businesspeople will be keen to exchange them

Ensure that your gift is wrapped and has a card enclosed.

When visiting a Chilean home, flowers or candy are standard gifts for the hostess

Avoid yellow roses, as they are perceived as a sign of contempt. Moreover, purple and black flowers symbolize death

Smiling and making eye contact are part of the ritual of presenting and receiving cards

Also, take a few moments to look admiringly at your counterpart’s business card after it is handed to you

Avoid wearing clothing that is extremely bright, or otherwise attracts attention

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