Negotiation & Follow Up

An initial visit should be made by an upper-level executive, accompanied by mid-level executives

Mid-level executives will attend subsequent visits to conduct negotiations that go into greater depth

Honesty and integrity are highly valued

Gestures are sometimes made toward allowing input from other ranks in the organization, so it’s important to remain patient.

It may be necessary to take several trips before the transaction concludes

Contract agreements are followed rigidly, problems are resolved swiftly, and payments are made promptly on the deadline

Perceptions of the truth can be subjective and personal

Specify your priorities, terms, and conditions

Providing continued service to your client, despite the long distances involved, can be a welcome gesture of commitment

Expressing reassurances whenever possible will be appreciated

Don’t bribe your Chilean business associates

Chilean businesspeople tend to be serious, straightforward negotiators

Aggressive tactics will not go over well

Many Chilean women are professionally advanced, and female business travelers are likely to find acceptance and opportunities for success here

Higher-level executives have reputation for efficiency

Usually, those in the highest positions of authority are entrusted with the final decision


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