Negotiation & Follow Up

You should hire a local distributor, representative, salesperson and/or lawyer

Formality in Colombian business is expected

Colombians usually observe rules of hierarchy and prefer to follow an agenda

Contracts may be long and detailed

Put the key aspects of agreed-upon points in writing

Third-party contacts are vital to business success

Colombians move at a slower pace when it comes to making decisions so be patient

Everything is negotiable until the contract is signed

Don’t forget to follow up and don’t let the contacts go cold

Colombians make decisions by consensus

Personal relationships make or break business deals

Always be cognizant of how your behavior is being perceived by your Colombian colleagues

Your assumptions should always be tested by asking direct and indirect questions

Changing the team members could cause a delay in the negotiation process

Colombians’ payment ethics are generally good but they have a tendency to be late payers

Stay in touch with your Colombian contact

Don’t let relationships drift and make sure that you visit the market regularly

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