Business Meeting

English is widely spoken and many people speak it fluently

Conversations occur at a much closer physical distance than you may be know

Presentation, memos, reports, promotional literature, are very important

Never throw documents on the table during a business meeting

Avoid looking at others too intently

Keeping your hands in your pockets is impolite

Mexicans may not make eye contact- This is a sign of respect

Try not to criticise others openly in meetings as this could be construed as an insult

Time is a flexible commodity and start and finish times should be viewed as estimates

Men shake hands upon meeting and leaving, and will wait for a woman to be the first to offer her hand

Women may shake hands with men and other women

Conversations take place at a close physical distance

Try to have a warm, human touch

Don’t criticise another in public

Instructions should be given clearly and precisely

Managers expect loyalty

Meetings are opportunities for free ideas

Do not assume that, if a Mexican becomes highly emotional during a meeting, they have lost their sense of professionalism

Mexicans are often curious, about comparing the relative prices of items sold in Mexico and other countries.

A “no” may be really mean “maybe” or “We’ll see.”

Good personal relationships are the basis of business success in Mexico

Punctuality is not always as much of a priority in Mexican business culture

Use excellent visuals in your presentations

Stepping back while talking may be regarded as unfriendly

Mexican men are warm and friendly, and make a lot of physical contact

It is important to show that you are in control

Meetings may take place at breakfast, lunch or dinner

When invited to a party in a Mexican home, arrive at least 30 minutes late

Take the time to cultivate strong, long-term relationships

Most indigenous Mexican companies will be hierarchical in structure.

Women should initiate handshakes with men

Do not be surprised if small, sub-meetings develop within larger formal meetings

Putting your hands on your hips signifies that you’re making a challenge

Using the Lord’s name in vain, especially in public, is considered deeply offensive to Mexicans

The “O.K.” gesture with the thumb and index finger is considered vulgar.

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