Meals, Clothing Code & Gifts

Giving gifts to business executives is not required

Small items with a company logo are appreciated

Don’t bring silver. Mexicans are justly proud of their silver which is among the purest in the world

It is important to be smartly dressed in both business and social situations

Lunch is taken quite late at around 2:00pm and can last for a couple of hours

Secretaries do appreciate gifts

A man giving it to a female secretary should indicate the gift is from his wife

When invited to a party in a Mexican home, arrive at least 30 minutes late

Women should not invite a male counterpart for a business dinner unless other associates or spouses attend

Mexican men will attempt to pay for a meal, even though you are hosting it

Tipping is appropriate for services provided

Business lunches, rather than dinners are the traditional form of business entertaining

Working breakfasts are popular

Men should wear a conservative dark suit and tie

Women should wear a dress or skirt and blouse

Jeans are generally not appropriate, and tight or low cut clothing is never appropriate

Business dress in Mexico City tends to be somewhat more formal than in other parts of the country

Remember that Mexico is hot –take lightweight clothing

Items with your company’s logo- it is a good gift

A bottle of wine or scotch -it is a good gift

Gifts are not required for a dinner guest, but will be appreciated

When giving flowers: yellow – represent death, red – cast spells, and white – lift spells

Do not give gifts made of silver, as it is associated with trinkets sold to tourists

Dark, conservative, suits and ties are the norm for most men in Mexican business culture

Mexican men do not favor raincoats, but umbrellas are popular

Both women and men should leave valuable jewelry and watches at home

Jeans are acceptable casual wear if they are clean and in good condition

Gift giving is not usually a requirement in Mexican business culture

A small gift, will generally be appreciated as a gesture of good will

If you are invited to a home, there is no obligation to bring a gift

If you do present a gift to your hosts, your thoughtful gesture will be appreciated. Bring candy, flowers, or a souvenir from your home region

Expensive gifts are seldom appropriate unless a considerable degree of friendship has been established

Secretaries always appreciate receiving a small but thoughtful gift such as a souvenir of your area, but wait until the second or third visit


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