Meals, Clothing Code & Gifts

Dress code in the States is very variable – check on the appropriate mode before departure

If you are invited for a meal, you should arrive promptly

For a first meeting, you cannot go wrong if you dress conservatively

In the east –most people wear business suits

In the west coast, a more relaxed approach to dressing is the norm in many workplaces

When invited to a cocktail party, it’s usually permissible to arrive a few minutes late

Many companies have policies to restrict or forbid the acceptance of presents

Business suits or dresses are often the standard attire for women

Presenting a gift is a thoughtful gesture, but it is not expected

Business gifts are often presented after the deal is closed

In many cases, the best gifts are those that come from your country

You may not receive a gift in return right away

Business conversation may take place during meals

If you do give a gift, it should not appear to be a bribe

Do not use or chew on a toothpick in public

For your business associates, you can give gifts such as useful items for the office, liquor or wine

Choose gifts with no religious connotations

When you visit a home, it is not necessary to take a gift, although it is always appreciated

Flowers, a potted plant, or a bottle of wine are good gift choices

If you wish to give flowers, you can have them sent in advance to relieve your host or hostess, from taking care of them when you arrive

If you stay in a U.S. home for a few days, a gift is appropriate

Taking someone out for a meal or other entertainment is another popular gift

Gifts for women such as perfume or clothing are usually inappropriate

Gifts for children are often a thoughtful and appreciated gesture

Business suit and tie are appropriate in all major cities

Women should wear a suit or dress with jacket in major cities

Women may wear a business dress, or skirt and blouse, in rural areas

Men may conduct business without wearing a jacket in rural areas

The formality of a meeting, even in rural areas, may dictate a sports jacket and tie for men

Casual clothing is appropriate when not attending a work-related meeting or dinner

Many public places and private homes do not allow smoking

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