Negotiation & Follow Up

“Time is money” is taken seriously in U.S.

Businesspeople value information that is straightforward and to the point

When they agree to a deal, they rarely change their minds

Personal matters should not be discussed during the negotiation

Company policy is always followed

American businesspeople will also have a financial plan which must be followed

Americans regard negotiating as problem-solving through “give and take” based on respective strengths

Points are made by the accumulation of objective facts

In the U.S.A., money is a key priority and an issue that will be used to win most arguments

Businesspeople are opportunistic and willing to take chances

Americans tend to dislike periods of silence during negotiations

People from the U.S. will not hesitate to answer “no”

American businesspeople try to extract an oral agreement at the first meeting

In large firms, contracts under $10,000 can often be approved by one middle manager in a single meeting

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