Somebody who knows Egyptian business on your side, could be the difference between success and failure.

It is recommended to live in Dahab, Hurghada or Luxor, as many foreigners work there.

Do not try to do anything on Thursday or Friday

If you are looking to stay in Egypt on a working visa, might not be the best decision

Many companies have a religious Supervisory Board, comprised of Islamic jurists, whose role is to ensure that the company’s operations comply with the strictures of Sharia law

Most Egyptian companies tend towards extremely hierarchical structures.

Government has produced a new Investment Law which grants foreign investors many advantages. you will not have to pay taxes during the first 5 years in some business fields.

The concentration of Egyptians living in cities is high, considering most of the country is desert, so you will have a higher number of potential customers at your fingertips.

Egypt now needs every single investment, so you won’t suffer many governmental restrictions.

Avoid key issues during the month of Ramadan

Before setting a meeting, check that it is not Ramadan


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