Meals, Clothing Code & Gifts

Entertaining will invariably happen at a good restaurant, be prepared for large feasts with massive amounts of food.

You should try to leave a little food on your plate at the end of a meal

Always eat and pass food plates with your right hand as the left hand is considered unclean.

It is advisable to travel to Egypt on business with a good supply of gifts.

Share your gifts with key contacts

Gifts should be small and convey something of where you come from

You won’t see the president or CEO in anything other than a suit and tie.

Visitors are expected to follow Egyptian discretion standards.

Despite the hot temperatures, most of the body must remain covered.

Wearing Egyptian traditional clothing may be seen as offensive to the natives.

Be sure to shine your shoes

Presents are welcome, but do not forget to give or receive them using your right hand or with both hands

Stringent Muslims will not touch alcohol or pork.

Make sure to have a selection of non-alcoholic drinks available if you invite them for an event.

It is polite to leave a small portion of food – it means you have had enough.

Don’t add salt to food, especially in an Egyptian home. It is considered an offence.

Women should dress modestly, wearing long sleeves. Skirts should be of a reasonable length.

Remember to pack lightweight clothes, as the heat can be very oppressive.

Refuse an invitation could be perceived as a snub to the host.

Dress conservatively, but very smartly. You will be judged partly on your appearance

Casual dress is not something you will find in the Egyptian workplace


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