Meals, Clothing Code & Gifts

A large part of the Nigerian population are Muslim, so be aware of  alcohol, pork and gambling

When sitting down to eat, the honoured guest will be served first

Don’t start eating until others have started

If you are entertaining local business people, make sure you do it with style

Avoid using the left hand at meals

Many Nigerians are Muslims who do not drink alcohol

Nigeria is a cash economy and you may be unable to pay with credit cards

Avoid eating or passing food with your left hand

A small burp indicates that you are full and enjoyed the food

Normally the person who invites other people for a meal will also be the one paying.

Expect a certain amount of emotion when negotiating, and feel free to respond in kind

The way you are dressed will signal your relative level of importance.

Men should wear dark suits and ties and women should wear dark, demure business-style suits.

Remember that Nigeria is a very hot place

Business entertainment is very important


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