Business Meeting

Be punctual, preferably 5 minutes early, for the meeting

When dealing with a company in South Africa, ensure that they know your status in terms of hierarchy in your company

There is not much small talk in business and it is not acceptable if people are too loud

Ensure that you understand the status of the people you are dealing with

There is not much small talk in business

It is not acceptable if people are too loud

Not to look you in the eye, when having a conversation- is a sign of respect.

Show respect for the women

Avoid outbursts of chauvinism

Do not make suggestive jokes and comments

Ensure that you know and understand, the procedures of funerals if the deceased is from a different culture

Workshops provide an interactive way of learning, as they require the audience’s participation as the day progresses

Show that you have done your research

If you are forced to take a call in a public area, keep your voice down and the conversation short

Completing a task is often considered more important than social niceties

In the African culture meetings and greetings are very sociable and friendly

You will be expected to greet everyone at the meeting and respect those in authority

African men traditionally remain seated when being introduced

These cultures usually speak very loud, as a sign that there are no secrets between themselves

Do not schedule meetings with Muslims in their prayer time

At a formal business meeting, there is always a chairperson and agenda

White culture is often referred to as a Western culture and is often characterised by people with English as their mother tongue

The handshake is firm and the two people who meet maintain eye contact during the handshake

The traditional African culture has a soft, fingertip handshake for friendliness

Never be overly friendly as this can create the wrong impression

Avoid anything that could be considered a hard sell approach.

Many white South Africans prefer plain-speaking to an overly diplomatic approach

Many of the black cultures stress diplomacy in communication

People are addressed using first names in typical business situations

If businessmen opened a door for a lady or let them through a door first, they should be thanked politely.

As businessmen, show respect for the women and always treat them in a businesslike

You will be expected to ask for permission before you can speak

It is up to the chairperson to open and close a subject at a business meeting

Respond to messages left on your answering service as soon as possible

Try to develop a good relationship with the people you are doing business with


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