Meals, Clothing Code & Gifts

It is best to wear conservative, business-formal attire – this applies to both men and women.

Dress codes are usually casual, or informal, with no eccentric colours or styles

Most business entertaining will be done at local restaurants

Be aware of the dress code of the company and profession in which you are working

In the Muslim culture, men wear fez or a white skull cap. Their heads must be covered for prayer

Men are advised to wear a collar and tie, and women to wear smart, business-like dresses or suits

If meeting business contacts on a social basis, it is possible to dress more casually but not too casually

People always remember first impressions

Muslim woman’s dress is modern but their heads are usually covered in public

You are as likely to be asked out for lunch as dinner and may even be invited back to somebody’s home for a meal in the evening

Larger organisations will offer to send a driver to your hotel to pick you up or take you back afterwards

You are not required to tip the driver, but a small gift such as a company pen will be appreciated

Arriving late is not considered bad manners but leaving early might be

You can find that, serious business contacts become far less formal after a few beers over dinner

A small gift for your business associate or their families will be greatly appreciated

Personalised gifts like desk accessories or a high-quality pen are a good for a gift

You should always arrive at a dinner party with a gift

Flowers, chocolates or a bottle of wine will be appreciated for dinner party at home


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