Chinese business people will expect you to be well prepared for the meeting

Make sure to have at least 20 copies of your proposal ready for handing out

Presentation materials should be only in black and white, avoid colors

Chinese are very interested in long-term commitment

Do not be too direct

It is difficult for the Chinese to say ‘no’ directly. Anything other than a direct ‘yes’ could mean ‘no’

It is difficult to read body

Do not make disparaging remarks about China, the political situation, human rights etc…

Small talk is considered particularly important at the beginning of a meeting

You might have to meet up several times to achieve your objectives

Causing embarrassment or showing too much emotion could have a negative effect for a business negotiation

Do not underestimate the importance of the relationship building process

Show respect to age, seniority and educational background

Managers tend to be directive, which reflects basic Confucian concepts of the hierarchical nature of society

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