Business Meeting

It is important to show an interest in issues outside the business domain- questions about family and health are good icebreakers

Issues around the current internal political situation in Hong Kong, are probably best avoided

Voices can be raised and tempers may seem frayed, but this is more likely to be a sign of animation and interest than hostility

Small talk is important to Business people in Hong Kong

It’s customary to exchange small gifts when you meet prospective business partners and clients for the first time

Hong Kong business people use direct yet non-verbal cues, such as silence, as a form of communication

Silence often indicates disagreement or careful consideration. It’s recommended you remain quiet and respect the pause

Being prepared with materials and presentations is expected

Long-term loyalty to the organisation is not necessarily expected from anybody other than family members

Team members expect to be given clear and precise instructions, which will then be carried out diligently

Be aware of the variable levels of English to be found in Hong Kong

Do not be surprised to encounter an un-Asian directness in the use of language

If one is likely to be late for a meeting, it is a matter of courtesy to call up the host

Always show your welcome by rising from your chair if you happen to be at your own office

Hand shakes between the same genders are basic courtesies that should always be observed

If you happen to be a man, you might sometimes want to wait for a woman to extend her hand to you first, as a sign of respect

The local population has embraced much of Western culture and values

Business people usually adopt a conservative approach and prefer to maintain the status quo

It is not advisable to be over-critical about government policies

Try to avoid raising topics of a political or controversial nature since that could result in embarrassment

The most popular topics have to do with the general economic and business conditions

Try to express an interest in people, which goes beyond simply work-related issues

It is probably best to avoid raising issues to do with the transition to Chinese rule

Women play a more significant role in business life than in many other Asian countries

A great deal of business is done at mealtimes. If entertaining, do it well

Take enough time to get to appointments. The streets in Hong Kong are usually very crowded

Punctuality is important

Do not blow your nose in public or at a business dinner

If your host offers you tea or drinks, do not refuse

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