Hong Kong is Chinese and, therefore, basically Confucian in its thinking

Respect for age and seniority run very deep

It is not safe to presuppose that English is universally spoken

The bulk of employees will have a very high level of fluency in English

Be prepared for some communication difficulties and do not assume that what you have said has been fully understood

Check for comprehension by asking lots of ‘open’ questions, and then go over points if you feel that there might be an area of confusion

Managers in Hong Kong would expect to adopt a fairly paternalistic attitude to subordinates

It can be very difficult for employees to carry bad news to their manager

Respect will be shown to the manager simply because he has the position of manager

Meetings with the larger Hong Kong multi-nationals, are likely to follow a fairly standard meeting style with agendas, minutes etc…

It is always important to show the correct level of respect for the key playe

Stand as key players enter the room or offering them the seat of honour around the table

Try to address issues through the senior person – even if he or she is not the best English speaker.

The Hong Kong Chinese can be much more direct than many other Asians

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