Meals, Clothing Code & Gifts

Always use both hands to give or accept gifts

Upon receiving a gift, thank the giver and set it aside

The giving and receiving of gifts is viewed as an element in the ritual of business relationship development

It is not necessary to give expensive gifts

Gifts should be wrapped and are often refused two or three times before being accepted. They are rarely opened in front of the giver

The giving and receiving of gifts is viewed as an element in the ritual of business relationship development

Dress codes vary slightly according to size of company and industry sector

A business meal may also be an opportunity for your host to make a toast in your honor.

In case you are asked for a toast, rise from your seat and express your sincere hope for a successful cooperation or something along these lines.

Your host may keep refilling your empty plate

Hong Kong business etiquette dictates that a guest should always have enough to eat. make sure to leave a small rest on your plate once you’re full

Men can wear dark suits, shirts and ties and women will not feel out of place in conservative business suits

Gift giving is an intricate and important practice in Hong Kong

It is rude to unwrap it in their presence

When you have received a gift, make sure to reciprocate with a gift of equal value

The value of a gift should be commensurate with the level of business dealings

Cheap and extravagant gifts should be avoided

If one receives a gift, he or she tries to give a gift in return

It is becoming an accepted practice for companies to send Christmas, as well as Lunar New Year cards to all business associates

Hosting a banquet is a very acceptable gift for Chinese clients, and is required if they have hosted one for you

If you are invited to a home, take candy, cookies, fruit, scotch, and related gifts

If your business contacts send you an invitation for dining in Hong Kong, it is considered very impolite just to refuse

During meals, you should pay attention to Hong Kong business etiquette regarding seating. The guest of honor usually sits opposite the host, with the second and third most important guest to his or her left and right

Don’t eat too much rice because it’s regarded as filler, which you eat if you don’t like the food or think there isn’t enough

The best time for gift-giving is on Christmas or around the Chinese New Year

You can give away a typical souvenir from your home country, like a certain kind of candy, food, or beverage

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