Negotiation & Follow Up

Business people in Hong Kong avoid direct confrontation. Be aware of this during negotiations, as they may not overtly say no to avoid embarrassment

People will come to you when they have a real business need. Business discussions should therefore be straightforward, clear and to-the-point

Competition is intense in most sectors and the final winner is usually the one who can provide the best offer

Business malpractice and corruption are serious crimes in Hong Kong

It is important to ensure you are dealing with the decision-maker

Discussions are likely to be diplomatic and polite but when things are becoming difficult, there is the possibility of raised emotions and voices

Try to remain calm and in control at all times

Harmony is still the ideal in Hong Kong even if the pursuit of money can sometimes make it difficult to attain

Hong Kong is a highly developed business city with a well-established code of business conduct

Hong Kong business people prefer a no-nonsense approach in business negotiations

Decision-making is centralized, fast and flexible

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