Negotiation & Follow Up

Sometimes a straightforward offer may be perceived as a rigid stand

It is always advisable to build some buffers in one’s initial offer, which allow for bargaining later

Do not insist on commitment in the first meeting

Making a decision, in Indian organizations, is often a long-drawn out process

If you are representing a well-known global company, you will find that, Indians are comfortable and open to negotiation, and an intermediary is not required to establish one’s credentials

If you are representing a lesser known country or a small company, it will help to get some referrals from your other clients/partners in India

Indian laws and bureaucracy are quite intricate and cumbersome

It is advisable to hire an Indian lawyer or liaison person

Try to get your first appointment with the person who is high in authority in the concerned department/organisation

You will often find that, as a sign of respect, the subordinates stand up when the boss enters the meeting room

Most decisions are made at the top of an organization and it can, therefore, be a waste of time and resource to spend too much time negotiating at the middle levels

Showing hospitality is part of the negotiation process. Often meetings start by offering tea/coffee and snacks. It is courteous to accept the offer

Compared to many other cultures, relationships and feelings play a larger role in decisions in India

In general, Indians tend to take larger risks with a person whose intentions they trust

Indians are ‘polychronic’ people, i.e., they tend to deal with more than one task at the same time

be prepared for some distractions/ disturbances during the meeting

The pace of business meetings in India is comparatively far more relaxed than in some of the western countries

Indians are somewhat lax about time

Indians do not directly jump into business negotiations

Indians usually do not express their disagreements openly and directly

when differences arise, they may circumvent them by statements such as ‘we will discuss this later’

Bargaining for the price or additional concessions is normal in India

Indian negotiators expect and value flexibility in negotiation

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