Large corporations require you to schedule appointments more than a week in advance

while most other organizations are willing to make appointments on short notice.

Although business transactions and correspondence are frequently conducted in English, attempts to use Bahasa Indonesia, the country’s official language, are also appreciated.

all official correspondence with government officials must be in Bahasa Indonesia. Use of the language is also mandated for many advertisements and publications.

The pace of business negotiations in Indonesia is slower than you may be accustomed to in the west

Whether or not an Indonesian will be punctual often depends on his or her status in the organization’s hierarchy.

Public or municipal meetings can begin late, often by one hour or more.

As a visitor to the country and a Westerner, you are expected to be on time for all business appointments.

When invited to a social event, Indonesians try to ascertain who will be the most important guests.

Observant Muslims fast from dawn to sundown during the month of Ramadan, and this practice may affect your schedule when doing business in this country.

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