Meals, Clothing Code & Gifts

After business hours Entertainment in Japan for businessmen includes Hostess bars and Karaoke

Drinking is an important part of Japanese culture

Never pour a drink for yourself. It is considered more appropriate in Japan to allow someone else to do it for you

Don’t forget to bring along gifts for your hosts and some extra gifts for assistants, helpers and subordinates

Offer your Japanese counterparts a small gift when meeting or visiting them

Your gift should be well wrapped but modest and not too personal

Don’t expect them to open it in front of you as this may cause loss of face to one of the parties

If there happens to be a very senior person in the meeting with his subordinates around him, then it would be wise to present a bit nicer gift to the senior person only

Present the gift to your counterpart with two hands

The business convention of dark suit, shirt and tie is very much the

For women, business dress should be restrained and formal

Women do not commonly wear trousers in business in Japan

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