The importance Saudis attach to courtesy and hospitality can cause delays that prevent keeping to a strict schedule

Saudi businesspeople pray five times a day

It is absolutely vital to be prepared to devote as much time and effort as necessary to relationship-building

Every contact within an organisation is important, as you may not be aware of everybody’s connections

Managers tend to be very instructional in their approach

All instructions given should be clear, unambiguous and complete

The exact time of the prayers are listed in the local newspapers each day

Saudi secretaries do not normally have authority to make appointments for their bosses

Business is usually developed around a family unit with all key employees coming from the extended family

If you already know the person, you would be expected to pay an impromptu social call, whenever in the area anyway

A minister’s diary is likely to be full well ahead, but by going around and being prepared to wait, there is a good chance of exploiting an unanticipated gap between appointments

The weekend in Saudi Arabia is Thursday and Friday

Nepotism is a way of life

The idea that positions would not be given to family members is incomprehensible

Islam teaches the importance of family relationships, loyalty and the need to show respect to older people

It is important to the boss that his position is respected

It can be difficult to schedule more than one meeting per day

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