Negotiation & Follow Up

It is appropriate to present a business card at an introduction

A hard sell approach can often be misconstrued as bragging and can provoke a very negative response

Everybody expects to have an input, the boss still makes the decision.

Business negotiations are shorter and to the point.

It is common to do business communication and problem solving over the phone, fax or email

Australians rely on written agreements

Australians do not hesitate to say a straight ‘no’

Never give an impression that your organisation is doing better than their organisation

Australians generally dislike negotiation and aggressive sales techniques

Generally, they are analytical, conceptual thinkers

It is at the meeting table that problems are solved and decisions made

Speak plainly and expect what you say to be taken literally

Australians are usually distrustful of authority and of people who think that they are somehow ‘better’ than others.

During conversation, remain modest always

Australians are comfortable with time lines, agendas and deadlines

Refrain from discussing your personal life during business negotiations

Before a decision is made, top management will consult subordinates and their input will be given careful consideration

It will be in your best interests not to try to rush this process

They will not avoid confrontation or negative responses if they feel they need to question something

During negotiations, company policy is strictly adhered to at all times

Empirical evidence and other facts are considered the most valid forms of proof

Feelings of any kind are usually regarded with suspicion, particularly for decision-making purposes

In presentations and conversation, Australians are often receptive to sporting analogies

Those who will sit with you in a meeting usually have the power to make a decision

Australian business persons may emphasize profit over market share

Negotiations usually proceed at a fast pace and bargaining is not customary

Australians will expect your initial proposal to have only a small margin for negotiation

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