Business Meeting

Belgians shake hands with everyone in the room or office both on arrival and on departure

When conversing with another person, you should always allow an arm’s length of personal space

Talking with your hands in your pockets is perceived as a sign of bad manners

Cracking the fingers of both hands is perceived as vulgar, even obscene

Before opening a door, you should knock and wait to be admitted

Remember to close the office-door behind you

It is recommended that you have your business card translated with one side in English and French or Dutch

Punctuality is generally appreciated

Meetings will not normally be allowed to run on too long

In the case of social events, plan to arrive 5-10 minutes after the time indicated on the invitation

Start by shaking hands and presenting your business card to all involved

Ensure the location is thought through, that the room has all the required facilities, and holds enough space for the numbers likely to attend

It is generally accepted to allow other people to speak, and not to interrupt them when they are speaking

When you are conducting a meeting, an agenda should ideally be distributed to everyone in attendance

Patting someone on the back is not acceptable

You should refrain from too vigorous a handshake or physical contact such as backslapping

It may be appropriate to start a business meeting with an informal conversation

Ensure you bring enough business cards and information material about your company

Ensure all the required attendees are aware of the meeting, and any necessary work they may need to do in advance

Using toothpicks in public is socially unacceptable

Chewing gum is perceived as vulgar

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