Meetings are team-oriented, with or without the participation of senior management

Belgian executives generally prefer face-to-face contact

Telephone or write for an appointment at least one week in advance

If confirmation is necessary, this can be done by e-mail

The first appointment will be socially orientated, since most Belgians like to get know someone before proceeding with business of any kind

Project team meetings may be planned at short notice, and often go on longer than the participants really want

If you are planning a sales visit to propose a product or service that you represent, be sure to make arrangements well in advance

If formal presentations are planned, then the venue of meetings, who needs to attend, and any required equipment- need to be arranged in advance

First names are still generally reserved for close friends, so you should always use the standard courtesy titles followed by the surname

Exchanging business cards is a standard practice in Belgian business culture

It is good practice in Belgium to make an appointment at least a few days in advance

Once the timing has been agreed there is no need to check or reconfirm

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