Negotiation & Follow Up

They have a flexible approach to forging win-win deals

A serious mistake made by some would-be negotiators who will say “I have a plane to catch”

It may make sense to send one of your senior managers to negotiate

Negotiations will normally be conducted in English

At most you may find it necessary to have a French-language interpreter present

They have good listening skills, but this does not automatically mean they agree with you

The Flemish may be a bit more direct and incisive than the Walloons, who tend to be more relationship-oriented

Your counterparts will be receptive to your ideas, provided they make basic sense

The desire to find an arrangement that is satisfactory to both sides, can encourage the Belgians to develop creative solutions

Send a written record of the decisions made at the meeting, or a ‘memorandum of understanding’

Deadlines should be clearly stated

It is essential to give a firm and realistic delivery date

Ask for written confirmation of acceptance, but do not necessarily expect it unless a formal contract is involved

Your Belgian counterparts will be impressed, by prompt follow-up of actions agreed at the meeting

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