Business Meeting

Bulgaria is a moderately formal society, which means that initial greetings are always formal

Shake hands firmly, maintain eye contact and use a suitable greeting for the time of day

Bulgarians strict protocols and procedures

It is important to allow enough time for business meetings, because they normally take more time than expected

Visitors are expected to be punctual or arrive several minutes early for an appointment

In case unexpected circumstances cause a delay longer than 10 or 15 minutes, it is better to call ahead

punctuality is valued and expected in business circumstances.

It is better to refer to people by their titles

Only friends and family members will address each other by their first names and give each other a hug or kiss in public

Let the Bulgarian counterparts take the lead when communications become more informal

Business cards are always exchanged on initial meetings, and having enough cards with you will make a positive impression

Bulgarians treat business meetings formally, and show respect in adhering to formal protocols and conservative standards of dress

Humour can be used in a meeting as a good way to break the ice

Be prepared for a long business meeting

It is common for meetings to last longer than the allocated time


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