Meals, Clothing Code & Gifts

As corruption is widespread, giving gifts when doing business is a delicate matter

It is better to give an ‘original’ gift instead of an expensive one

Gifts should be relative to the social status and highly respected clients, should receive more attention and a more personal gift

When invited to sit down at the table, wait for host to show you to your seat

If you are invited to dinner at the home of your business associate, it’s important to bring something for the host and hostess, such as a good bottle of wine or something sweet

You will be more respected if you bring something ‘for the house’, such as a small souvenir from your home country

For company employees’ personal occasions, gifts such as vouchers, tours or flowers are given

Gifts are usually opened right away

The business dress code is similar to that of other countries

Wearing revealing or provocative clothing is highly unacceptable

Men are expected to wear suits and women similarly formal business attire

Whoever makes the invitation is normally expected to pay

Excessive drinking is commonly expected at a business mea,l and smoking is even common throughout a meal

If the hosts have children, it is essential to bring some treat for them too

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