Communication is perhaps the most important aspect of doing business

Communications should be addressed directly to a specific person, who is able to make a quick decision

Czech companies are still very hierarchical, which is why there is still a strong tendency to address the individual by their job title

Business appointments are mandatory and should be made in advance

Punctuality is important

Many of the people in management positions in the Czech Republic are multilingual

Most speak English, Russian and/or German

People above the age of 50 can speak a little bit of German, Russian and English

The younger generation mainly speak English

Czechs are not talkative by nature,  they are just not used to speaking their mind to a total stranger

Communicating with their hands or wild gesticulation is not typical of Czech behaviour

Be aware that maintaining eye contact is an important part of communicating your intentions in a business meeting

In the Czech business community, most members maintain a strict division between their work lives and their personal lives

Most of the younger managers speak English fluently

Czech society is very formal and it takes time to develop a personal relationship

Czechs appreciate when a foreigner makes an attempt communicate in the Czech language

Czech welcome every opportunity to do business with foreign partners

Foreign partners are advised to make their first contact in written form, preferably by email

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