Negotiation & Follow Up

The older generation, the people who lived through communism, have a laid back attitude to negotiation, preferring to take their time

Younger generation negotiating, will likely jump straight into the business discussion, with the aim of being as efficient as possible

Once both sides have reached an agreement, the Czech side will want a written confirmation with all the terms and conditions outlined in full

Bribery and corruption is not acceptable but it is still prevalent in the global business environment

Both Czech and foreign business people use bribery as a tool, to secure business contracts or to cut through bureaucratic red tape, when trying to get government contracts or even start a new business

If it has been agreed to continue with the partnership, then the timetable plays a very important role in defining the activities of both business partners

After the tasks are formulated, deadlines are fixed and dates and places of future meetings are decided upon

In the case of one or both partners not seeing any future in their cooperation, each party has the right to terminate negotiations, and a full explanation for the decision will then be expected

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