Business Meeting

State the topic you wish to address, why you want to meet, and the participants you desire to meet

If you want quick decisions, it will be necessary to ensure that decision-makers are invited to participate

In case you cannot participate, always call or write to cancel the meeting in advance

Always agree with your partner on the language of the meeting

Sometimes a colleague of your partner may be able to translate. If they do not know your business, take with you some supporting material

Pay attention when your partner pronounces their name

Business cards are usually exchanged at the beginning of a meeting

Hungarian business cards contain all the necessary business information, and occasionally personal details

Maintaining direct eye contact is when being spoken to is crucial

Hungarians usually begin their meetings with some small talk

Agendas are not necessarily adhered to and instead, spontaneity is often a driving force

Meetings can tend to run late, as Hungarians like telling jokes and debates are always taken seriously

If the meeting is conducted in English, Hungarians may say some things between themselves in Hungarian, to make sure they all have a common understanding of the discussion

When presenting a project, do your research because you need to give good reasons and arguments

If you want to convince Hungarian managers, you will need to prove your ability for reflective thinking

Be prepared to answer many questions

Often, especially with a large delegation of attendees, decisions will not be made on the spot

Decisions are usually made when management has had the time to reflect and discuss

Try to arrive about ten minutes before your scheduled meeting time

Shake hands with all the participants.

International companies will usually have their business cards in two languages, Hungarian and English

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