It is better to invest in constant direct interaction

They are not very good at answering written communications or returning missed calls

When business partners meet, they usually shake hands with each other

When proposing a meeting, you should offer several alternative dates

In Hungary, it is still considered good manners for a man to open the door for a woman and such like

Many people speak several languages because of its closeness to many countries

The business language in Hungary is English, and most Hungarian business people speak English to different levels of ability

Learning a few words and phrases in Hungarian, is a good way to break the ice and impress your host

Hungarians are not generally reserved, but they might give that impression on the first meeting

Try to obtain a written confirmation of the place and time of the meeting with who is expected to attend, including name and function

Once they get familiar with you, they are able to relax and communicate more

Due to the need to build personal relationships in business, recurrent visits and phone calls are necessary

They may sound pessimistic or cynical now and then, but they are very creative and this is just their normal style of doing business

Important phases in the development of a business relationship, require face-to-face meetings to show respect, and build up the necessary level of trust

Hungarians hate being underestimated, as they are proud and expect to be treated as equals

Ask for their opinion

Give them time and they will produce numerous theoretical ideas

Once they begin to gain trust in a relationship, they will start showing their appreciation, and will be motivated in finding ways towards a win-win solution

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