Business Meeting

Present your card first to the secretary, and then after the meeting, to the individuals you were meeting

Ensure that the facilities that you require for your business meetings are available and ready to use

It is advisable to plan your meeting and circulate agendas in advance

Being late is seen as impolite and inconsiderate

Plan your appointments carefully and ensure you allocate enough time for transport arrangements

The Irish relaxed attitude to time also has an impact on delivery deadlines

For the Irish there is no shame in missing a delivery date  so it is essential to keep this in mind

Start a business meeting with an informal conversation about a general topic

The importance of small talk at the beginning of the meeting, cannot be overemphasised

You should ensure that plenty of time is allowed for the negotiation

A pleasant chat to the secretary and a small gift may work

Spend some time  getting to know people, in order to become part of their network

Discover the relationships in the company first, in order to find out who is the key decision maker

Business meetings over a cup of coffee in a good hotel have been growing in popularity in recent years

Another option is a meeting in a pub or bar as these places are extremely popular in Ireland

When deciding which managers from your home country to send as a negotiator, it seems, more advisable to send a man

Although Irish society is changing, Irish women are still struggling for some of their rights at work and to be appointed to positions of authority

Planning and preparation necessary to ensure the meeting achieves its objectives

Proper planning and preparation, are the necessary prerequisites to the success of any business meeting in a foreign country

It is important to be prepared for cultural differences, that may come up in meetings and adjust your  strategy accordingly

Many Irish executives are pleasant, approachable and willing to meet to discuss potential business

Overseas businessmen must build up trust before the actual negotiation process can start

It is important that you know who will be attending, and that they have confirmed their attendance

Ensure that the room has all the required facilities, and holds enough space for the numbers likely to attend

It is important that any language issues are thought through

Allow other people to speak, and not to interrupt them when they are speaking

Obtain feedback after the meeting, to establish what the attendees thought of the content and what was discussed

In less formal meetings, the lack of an agenda is not always a bad thing

When travelling to Ireland to do business, you should ensure that you arrive on time

Ensure you bring enough business cards and materials about your company. The ideal time for handing these out is at the beginning of the meeting.

Make direct eye-contact with your Irish business partner

You may be asked to wait a short while until the person you are seeing at the meeting becomes free

The Irish appreciate friendliness and warmth in a person

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