The Irish people’s reputation as good conversationalists is well-deserved

They enjoy conversations on topical and everyday issues

the Irish do not just say what needs to be said

They enjoy people who have the flair for amusing conversations

The Irish are generally very polite and warm

They love their country and enjoy life as it comes

They see the family as a central part of their lives

The Irish enjoy having fun with the language by making jokes

When you enter the office in Ireland, you should say “good morning” to each person you know

There are a number of “safe” topics, such as the weather, sport, hobbies and transport

You should not hesitate to express your views as long as you are sincere and informed

The Irish are particularly proud of their history and expect visitors to understand and appreciate their complex past.

It is advisable to remain honest and avoid arrogance

The Irish will constantly examine your actions to make a judgement on your competence and abilities

Loud, aggressive, and arrogant behaviour is seen in a negative light by the Irish

Patting, hugging or touching other men in public is considered socially unacceptable

If you want to develop a network of Irish associates quickly, the best way to do so is to be introduced by people from within the

Arrange an appointment at least two weeks in advance

It is also good practice to call a day ahead of an arranged meeting, to confirm your attendance

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