Negotiation & Follow Up

During the negotiations, you should speak plainly and appreciate that what you say will be taken literally

In individual meetings, a record should be kept of what was discussed, and the dates items were agreed to be completed by

After your return and a short time has passed since your meeting, it is perfectly acceptable to telephone the people you met

It can be quite time consuming and requires a lot of persistence, to gain trust and prove that you can offer something, that your partner cannot get from an Irish supplier

Cool-headedness is typically required for negotiations with the Irish, and trying to do business in a hurry does not usually bring success

The Irish value directness

Your presentation should be straightforward, and emphasise the positive as well as any negative outcomes

Always be sincere and keep the presentation simple and to the point

The Irish dislike pretentious behaviour

The Irish are masters of gaining information from other people, whilst not disclosing their own position

In some cases, they might just want to “steal” your ideas

It is advisable not to reveal all your information, but to wait until you are sure about your counterpart’s commitment

You should avoid being ostentatious about wealth

You should interpret what your Irish counterparts say, in the same direct manner

Before the actual negotiation process can start, it is necessary to gain trust and credibility

The Irish buy mainly from the Irish, or from people within their network of contacts and foreigners often find it difficult to penetrate these networks

It is essential to remain modest at all

Irish characteristic is to want to do things their way, so you should not insist on them doing it “your way”

The Irish place a high value on facts and empirical evidence

Feelings of any kind are usually dismissed with suspicion, particularly when making decisions

The Irish do not tend to trust people who give effusive praise, as this behaviour is seen as suspicious and aimed to mislead them in some way

Actions of what was agreed and who is responsible will be good

The Irish appreciate a telephone call, and the opportunity to speak briefly with you before the next face to face meeting

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