Business Meeting

When you greet your partners, look them in the eyes, shake hands firmly, say your name clearly and offer your business card

Keep any business cards at hand for easy reference during the meeting

Shake hands with all the participants at the beginning and the end of the meeting

It is advisable to adopt a formal approach by addressing people with their family name and educational title.

The main determining factor is how much money the Latvian contact can make from cooperating with your company.

Do not expect any decision to be made, during the meeting or immediately thereafter

The management will need to be briefed about your proposal, and take time to think about it before any decisions can be made

During meetings, coffee, tea, soft drinks and water will be offered and, occasionally, a sandwich lunch may be organised

Latvians are very suspicious of something they do not know

If you try to arrive a few minutes before your appointment, you will have time to prepare yourself a little more while you are waiting

You may need to give presents, in order to speed up government processes and get things done

Latvians are considering the business meeting a form to know your partner and to create and consolidate a relationship

Ask a third party to participate in a first meeting, and commission that person to open business or contacts

Once a contact has been established, it is important to make frequent visits to Latvia to keep the relationship going

In business, personal relationships are vital

For important business issues, face-to-face discussion, visits and calls are needed to build the trust required for a long lasting relationship

Usually, Latvians are punctual and will appreciate the same courtesy

Be in time, stick to the agenda, rise important issues, coming with idea and proposal will demonstrate that you are also dedicated to the subject in discussion

Latvians do not like long meetings, they prefer to get to the point and finish as soon as possible

They like to speak their minds and will openly tell you if they find that you are unprepared or if they reject your proposal

It is desirable to obtain a written confirmation for the place and time of the meeting, and for the people who are going to attend

If you cannot attend the meeting for any reason, it is important to call or write in order to cancel the meeting

In case your business or products have not been introduced to your hosts, take some samples, brochures or other informative material with you

It would be a good idea to let your Latvian partner, know your position in your company in order to meet with someone at the appropriate level

Latvians prefer to have agreements written on paper, signed and sealed

When proposing a meeting, it is important to offer several possible dates and allow your partner to make a choice

When requesting a meeting, you should state the subject you wish to discuss, why you want to meet and the participants you wish to meet

If you want quick decisions, invite the management to participate

Latvians prefer one-to-one meetings, so it is best to limit the number of meeting attendees to one or two people at most from each side

If your host invites you to call them by their first name, this is a sign of a comfortable relationship

They follow the agenda arranged for the meeting, and do not like interrupting while someone else is talking

If they do not understand something, they will ask questions

Try to speak clearly using simple language

Once they have reached a decision, they will not change it.

When you are presenting a project, it should be very well researched and provide enough evidence

Inform your partner of the identity of the persons participating from your side and their position in your company, and ask your Latvian partner to do the same.

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