Meals, Clothing Code & Gifts

Latvians prefer to invite their guests to lunch or dinner at a restaurant, rather than to their homes

The host will usually recommend and make reservations at a restaurant that offers traditional local food

then arriving on time is expected

At the restaurant, you will usually be asked to choose your seat first and, for two people, face to face is the most common seating arrangement

For most business meetings, anything formal will do just fine

However, the way you dress will express your status

First impressions are very important, so dress smartly and be polite, following the local etiquette

It is recommended,  to ask for suggestions from your host or the waiter

It is important to show respect for the food, and for those who have worked to put it on the table

Business partners do not expect presents at the first meeting, yet small gifts to business associates are generally accepted

You should bring something small from your country

You might also be invited to visit their “summer house” or to go fishing

Business lunches are common, but a business dinner is preferred and is reserved for relaxing and getting to know one other

Business lunches and dinners are usually somewhat formal, so formal dress is recommended, especially on first meeting

At the beginning and during lunch or dinner, short toasts will be raised

Men wear suits and a tie; women, jackets and skirts, or trouser suits

At the office, business people follow a less formal dress code and in smaller businesses there are usually no formal dress codes

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