Negotiation & Follow Up

Business negotiation is Latvia is tough

The host is not easily moved, once they have adopted a position

A few days after the meeting, a written memo that summarizes the essence of the discussion, the decisions the partners have agreed on, and the actions to be carried out will be distributed by one of the attendees

Agreements and decisions should be set down in writing in both languages, to avoid misunderstandings

The inclusion of fixed deadlines and dates, for actions and decisions with the names of those responsible is essential to ensure that things get done

The time required for negotiation depends on the attitude of the partners and the nature of the sector

It usually takes longer to negotiate with the public sector than to do business with the private sector

The main thing is to be specific and be ready to bluff, if necessary

Latvians do not express their emotions during negotiation, so it is best to adopt a similar approach

Whether or not a meeting is successful, it is always a good idea, to write to your host and thank them for their time and effort

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