There is a deep respect for higher education in this country, include any university degree above a B.A. on your business card

A good verbal presentation is at least as important

The Dutch will not spend a lot of time socializing, before a meeting or other business discussion

The Dutch tend to be wary of inflated claims, so use plenty of empirical evidence and other data to persuade them of the merit of your products or ideas

Sometimes, companies will conduct background checks on prospective clients

Large is not necessarily felt to be good

Quality usually comes before quantity, unless the price clearly indicates cheaper bulk

You will be expected to keep every promise you make

Even if you do not translate your presentation material into Dutch, it’s essential that any documents you distribute are clear and concise

The Dutch are used to high quality brochures

Power Point presentations are the standard, but keep the number of slides down to a minimum

Honesty and straightforwardness are an essential part of doing business in the Netherlands

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