Communication is most important aspect of doing business

Polish communication behaviour, is likely to be more reserved at the first meeting

Appointments should be made 4-5 days in advance

Appointments should be confirmed a couple of days before a meeting is held

Most Poles speak English and even though they might not speak it fluently, they are able to communicate

To create a good impression on your host, it is worthwhile learning at least a few words and phrases in Polish

Important business issues must be discussed in person

They usually say what they think and get straight to the point

Jokes are left for more social occasions

Poles do not generally speak in a loud voice

Poles are well educated

Forget about meeting on Sundays. This day of the week is always free of work and devoted to family

They have a tendency to follow rules and adhere to expected protocols

Frequent visits and phone calls are essential to establish the business relationship, and basis for a written agreement

Poles maintain direct eye contact and require about an arm’s length of personal space for comfort

Most Polish SMEs welcome every opportunity to do business with foreign partners

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