Meals, Clothing Code & Gifts

When you are invited to an informal social event at a Polish home, you should arrive a quarter of an hour after the given time

Include high quality chocolates, cigars, flowers, perfume, wine or liquor from your home country

If invited to a business partner’s home, it is normal to bring flowers, sweets or a bottle of wine

Managers wear formal clothing, meaning that men wear dark coloured suits with a jacket and tie, and women wear suits with either trousers or a skirt

Men should wear suits and ties subdued in appearance to formal events

gifts are given at the beginning of a relationship, and at the end of a collaboration

If someone invites you for dinner or supper at a home, you should be aware that small gifts such as, a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers for the hostess are expected

During normal office hours, the dress code less formal, but you should still maintain a smart appearance

First impressions are always very important in the business community

In small and medium-sized companies, executives wear rather casual, conservative clothes

You should dress well, but modestly

Your Polish counterparts will take notice if your clothing is clean, well pressed and in good condition

Women should wear conservative suits or dresses. Vivid colors should be avoided

T-shirts, sweatpants, shorts, and running shoes aren’t acceptable

Perfume and aftershave should be used sparingly

Do not forget to send a hand-written card, to your host

In Poland, it is expected that gifts will be given at the initial business meeting, and upon the conclusion of any business arrangement

Small presents, like a corporate gift or a souvenir representing the country you are visiting from, would be acceptable

Do not give an extremely expensive gift

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