Business Meeting

Romanian business partners pay particular attention to the details of organising a business meeting

Usually, men will open and hold a door for women or the elderly

Always be on time for appointments, stick to the agenda and respect the amount of time that has been allocated to the meeting

It is appreciated if you ask your counterpart about themselves and their family

Many of the Romanian are holding MBA degrees in prestigious universities abroad

It is usual to shake hands at the beginning and end of a meeting, especially when guests or partners are attending

Your Romanian counterpart can be easily offended if you refuse to shake hands

Partners exchange business cards as a matter of protocol, and to ensure that they are able to maintain contact with one another

When participating in a meeting, it is important to gather as much information as possible about your counterpart’s business

Partners have to be convinced about the realism of the proposed objectives, and meetings must have a firm objective

When entering a public space, it is polite to give priority to women, the elderly or higher ranked persons

The meeting organiser should provide necessary documentation, paper, pens and

Ensure that suitable presentation equipment is available, or that you bring enough equipment and supporting documentation with you

The table arrangement should take into account the status of members

The delegations are seated face to face, with the leaders placed in the centre

They are aware of the international business practice, and they are studying the particularities of the potential partner before first meeting

Romanian business men pay respect, to the foreign partners and expect to be treated in the same way

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