Business meetings are taken very seriously

Adopt a very professional attitude and approach to give the right impression

If a translator is required, this should be arranged well in advance, with both parties agreement

In Romania, punctuality is considered a strength when doing business

It is important to arrive at the appointed time, or even a little earlier, for a meeting

If you are going to be late, it is important to call ahead and apologise

Your ideas must be clear and precise, with evidence to substantiate your arguments

For organising business meetings, you should consider the number and composition of attendees, the meeting time and place and the table arrangements

Both sides should coordinate the time and place for the meeting, the subject of discussion and the language of the discussion

Romanian companies are aware of the concept of fraud by their employees, and bribery and corruption are recognised as significant problems

The Romanian people are familiar with English, French, Italian, Spanish and German languages

Business rules are based on polite and appropriate behaviour

It should be remembered that the way you talk and present yourself is as vital to the success of a meeting.

Important aspect refers to the ability to stay calm and polite, throughout tense discussions

Refusing to shake hands will easily offend your Romanian partner

Where conversing on the telephone, it is important to always be polite, no matter whom you are speaking with

Always answer a call if you’re available and if you are unable to provide the information that is requested

When meeting for the first time -the custom is for them to shake hands

The first meeting is formal, so it is advisable to avoid jokes and maintain a professional appearance

At future meetings, after the relationship is cemented, the formality tends to soften and conversations are more cordial

Presentation is very important in Romania, and if you do not respect certain rules it may lead to embarrassing situations

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