Meals, Clothing Code & Gifts

Business meals should be carefully organised, and you should behave according to the rules of formal dining etiquette

It is best to either avoid alcohol or limit yourself to one glass

It is recommended to avoid wearing flashy colours or outlandish outfits, earrings, hair dyed in striking colours or extreme styles, or excessive use of perfume

If you are invited to the home of one of your colleagues, it is recommended to bring flowers for the lady of the house and a bottle of wine for the host

Gifts of souvenirs from your home country, can be a useful ice breaker and provide an opportunity for cultural exchange

At the end of a meal, you should not leave before saying goodbye and shaking hands with everyone

when invited to a business meeting, by a Romanian partner, arriving with a small gift is considered polite

The recommended gift is a traditional object from the visitor’s country

You should greet your associates on arrival, and wait for the host to sit before taking your seat

Avoid ordering the most expensive items on the menu, and follow the lead of your host when deciding what to drink

In a more casual setting, such as a business lunch, outfits can be more relaxed and tend towards the business casual style

When somebody offers you food or drink, you should at least taste it

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